There was Truth, there was Fire; there were Journeys, there were Roads; there were Stories, there were Words… And they’ve accumulated here, as both reservoir of the past and harbinger of the future, in a little thing called Bliss…

Siddharth Dasgupta is a Poet & Novelist, currently living in the city of Poona. As part of his dual life, he also articulates Travel, Culture, and Luxury for a gamut of global publications.

Across Fiction, Poetry, and Travel Narratives, Siddharth tend to be drawn to character: the character of a certain city and its textured, multi-woven fabric; the character of a certain moment in time, as privy to whim and circumstance as any of us human beings; and, in a most literal sense, the characters taking shape in his literary landscapes - fickle, fulfilling beasts redolent of people he has known, sometimes purely a construct of that beast called Imagination.

Siddharth's writing jumps, often subconsciously, across Fiction, Flash Fiction, Prose Poetry, Travel Essays, Cultural Dissection, and the like. Some call this restlessness; some, a schizophrenic relationship with life. While he'll happily admit to those, he tends to think of it more as simply a writer paying heed to that fleeting enigma called "Soul."