This debut novel emerged in the winter of 2014. It traverses the love story between a photographer, drowning in the slipstreams of the past, and an artist, unable to fathom the textures of a relationship often only comfortable in a place called limbo.

While exploring a city hitherto unexplored in Indian fiction (Poona), the book also spreads itself across a global canvas of cities, memories, encounters, and spiritual epiphanies – be it in Kathmandu, Istanbul, Dubai, or Paris. There is a strong spiritual undercurrent running through these journeys that the leads – Arjun Bedi and Genevieve Casta – undertake, sometimes together and sometime alone; an undercurrent that usually manifests itself through their explorations of the world around them, in all its spiritual, sensual glory.

Letters form an important element of the novel, at times being the only bridge between the two central protagonists. And while it’s not an epistolary novel, the letters aspect of the book is undeniable – they helped me create a non-linear device for the plot, allowing me to skip back and forth in time and place. With regards to the ‘Indian Summer’ aspect of the title, it’s more an Indian Summer of the mind really – a treacherous, fragile state of being in which these characters find themselves.

Letters From an Indian Summer was brought out by Fingerprint Publishing (New Delhi)