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The Sacred Sorrow of Sparrows

“... A throwback to that style and mood when words lingered long after the last full stop... A narrative held together by a thread of remembrance and the sadness of a love that's worth its sorrow. This poignant, evocative collection begs revisiting often, on your own journeys through life and love.” ~ Pervin Saket, Acclaimed Poet & Novelist



The Sacred Sorrow of Sparrows (SE Asia)

The book steps out into the world with this, the Southeast-Asian edition. Brought out by Kitaab, this edition retains the stories and characters from the original, bringing the canvas of ethnic narratives and examination of a universal emotion to a fresh audience. The twin-mirror cover was designed as a textural ode to the book's central theme. 



The Wanderlust Conspiracy

Using a hypnotic, multi-textured palette of free verse, prose poetry, flash fiction, flash non-fiction, and homage, The Wanderlust Conspiracy is both an ode to the lure of horizons infused with bliss, and a riotous hat tip to the predilections of human hearts – blazing away with lust and chasing after that consequential rush, as they are.




Letters From an Indian Summer

“... An evocative piece of work that draws you into the lives of the two central characters – gently nudging you to see the world through their eyes. As you travel with them through cities and old secrets, you’re reminded that human beings are frail creatures at the best of times, and that love, more often than not, is their only saving grace.” ~ Nancy Bercaw, International Bestselling Author